Wednesday, July 29, 2009

West Side Story (Broadway)

As many of you can already tell just by looking at the picture of the Sharks/Jets on the top of my blog, I adore West Side Story (Le adoro, for you Spanish speaking readers). I saw it on Broadway today (a little late, but hey the original cast is still all in tact).

1. Karen Olivo is a deity all in her own. Her tall, maternal-yet-sexy look is beyond Tony-winning. A complete scene stealer.

2. Jerome Robbins choreography is still as amazing as ever, if not better.

3. I'm looking forward to many years of Josefina Scaglione, you?

4. I'm still torn whether I like the Sharks or Jets. I'm leaning toward Sharks.

5. I would have like to have heard I Feel Pretty instead of Hoy Me Siento Heromsa. Also, with my only 3 years of Spanish I could only catch some of the Spanish songs.

Side comment- When Tony was (Spoiler Alert!) shot by Chino, the audience obviously gasped. But then proceeded to whisper for an incredibly long time and becoming unruly before an individual audience member told them to (thankfully) shut up. Strange.

Overall, I would place this first, ahead of the only other two musicals I've seen which are Chicago and, my first, Jersey Boys.

So, have you seen it yet? If not, do! If you have, comment! If you haven't, feel free to comment anyway!

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