Friday, July 10, 2009

Oscar- The Other Five Best Picture Predictions

It's time for the could-be-maybe-nots of this section. These films now have a better chance at snagging a nomination come Oscar season, but who knows.

Amelia- Oscar does love biopics, but the trailer for this film looked particularly flat (maybe I'm just a Swank-hater). And it is a biopic about a woman, that's why this film's future isn't so clear right now.

If Swank gets a Best Actress nomination, she will have gotten a nomination every 5 years since 1999. Yuck.

Shutter Island- Martin Scorsese's newest effort has a mouth-watering ensemble cast (Patricia Clarkson, Leonardo DiCaprio), but it's a hit or miss with this kind of psychological thriller material. The names alone however may be enough to push it to a nomination.

I'm not gonna lie- I'm a big Leo fan. Can this role finally bring him Oscar like The Aviator should have back in 2004?

Avatar- James Cameron FINALLY returns to film after he proclaimed himself king of the world in 1997 and pretty much stopped working. What a jerk. But he's back! He has created an entirely fictional world using some state of the art technology or whatever. I'm not really sure how this will piece together, but this man is a genius so everything should work out smoothly. Bonus- Australian soon-to-be-megastar Sam Worthington stars in Avatar!

No words to describe how much I am anticipating this film.

The Informant!- I'm predicting a good year for Matt Damon. After no new releases in 2008, he's back and has some of the best directors on his side. The Informant! has Soderbergh and with 10 Best Picture slots to fill, this (dark) comedy could quite possibly get nominated.

Packing on the lbs. usually works for Academy members

The Hurt Locker- Strong reviews for this film indicate it may have a chance of getting nominated. And with 10 Best Picture nominations, Academy members will have to look past December and November releases.

Can The Hurt Locker overcome an early release date?

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