Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July! I just got back from the city because I went to go see the Macy's fireworks. Typically explosions of colors aren't that exciting, but I love going on the train, even if it means running with your friend and their parents while each of you carries a rolled up chair contraption on your back. It was better than expected, but my expectations were pretty low compared to some people I saw setting up tripods acting if Meryl Streep herself were to appear in the air with the fireworks. Now before I went I decided to have a little Indpendence Day celebration with the film True Lies. That's sort of American, right? An Austrian hulk of a man defeats terrorists- it's the poster movie of the American spirit, right? I'm a big James Cameron fan (except for Titanic... Is that weird?) and Arnold Schwarzenegger is quickly becoming my favorite body-builder turned actor turned Governator. Jamie Lee Curtis and Tom Arnold are hysterical as well, but Schwarzenegger, when teamed up with Cameron, is one of the most surprising scene stealers. So, which movies did any of you few readers watch? Independence Day perhaps? Please leave comments to tell me how you celebrated the Declaration of Independence through film!

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