Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Olivia de Havilland turns 93

Before I begin writing about the wonder that is Olivia de Havilland, I would like to take a moment to mention Karl Malden who will be sorely missed.

Back in 1916 on July 1st, Olivia de Havilland was born in Tokyo Japan (I just found that out today too!) One year later, the most infamous sibling rivalry in Hollywood would begin when Joan Fontaine was born. Despite her struggles with her sister, de Havilland has brought life to many great characters on the silver screen. My absolute favorite performance of hers is in Gone With The Wind. I'm all for the African American recognition at the Oscars, but my personal vote would have been for de Havilland, who remains one of the most innocent and charming characters in the movie. Another great de Havilland rolethat just popped into my head- The Heiress. It's a shame she could not make up with her sister. I mean, they're both well into their 90's... don't you think it's time to bury the hatchet?

So happy birthday Olivia! Here's to hoping many more wonderful years ahead!

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  1. I just discovered your blog. Great post on Ms. de Havilland! If you have not seen the movie "The Snake Pit" (with her starring) I would highly recommend it!!