Friday, August 27, 2010

Susan Sarandon... EO?

The EGOT, the combination of having won an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. This Sunday, Susan Sarandon may be one step closer to completing her EGOT, as she's nominated for an Emmy in a little-buzzed-about category, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie for the HBO telefilm You Don't Know Jack. Her competition includes Brenda Vaccaro (randomly an Oscar nominee) also for You Don't Know Jack, Catherine O'Hara and Julia Ormond for Temple Grandin, and Kathy Bates for Alice. Assuming Syfy doesn't win acting awards, it's a four-way race between the You Don't Know Jack girls and the Temple Grandin girls who aren't Claire Danes.
I haven't seen either movie (no HBO!), but they were both supposed to be pretty good. Susan has the edge here because Catherine and Julia probably play second and third fiddle to Claire Danes, who the movie (presumably) showcases. And while You Don't Know Jack presumably showcases Al Pacino, we all know what Susan Sarandon can do in limited roles. Also, she's been nominated for multiple Emmys before and she has never won, and these kinds of things do factor in (unless you're, say, Richard Burton at the Oscars). She's been a revered, hard working actress for decades now.. surely an Emmy cannot be that hard to take?

And the "G" and the "T" shouldn't be that hard for her to win, either. Her stage work on Broadway is limited. Granted she didn't get a Tony nomination for last season's Exit the King, it's not much to fret over. If supplied with the proper vehicle, a Tony could be hers in no time. And winning a Grammy means doing an audiobook (easier if it's for the kiddies). So, by Sunday, Susan should be halfway through her EGOT.

What do you think of Susan's chances at the Emmys? Please be kind, we're big fans over here.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Black Swan

Black Swan may or may not be a major Oscar contender.. You can never tell with Darren Aronofsky. It's probably obvious that, if the ten-wide field had existed, The Wrestler would have been included in the line-up, but it's harder to say if Requiem for a Dream would have made it on Oscar's short(but a little bit longer)list of 10 nominees. I mean, Chocolat was in their top five, so...

What do you think of the trailer? I haven't really been looking forward to this, but due to the "eh" trailer of Love and Other Drugs (previously named my "Most Anticipated of 2010") and this much more awesome and intriguing trailer for Black Swan (missing from my most anticipated list), I'm sad that this wasn't previously on my radar! I'm looking forward to it now (Ballerinas! Natalie! Insanity! Mila!?), are you?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Madonna Day 10

Happy Birthday, Queen of Pop! That's right, Madonna turns 52 today, which also means the end of my countdown of the ten best Madonna songs!

And number 1 is...

1. Ray of Light, Ray of Light

Yes, this is the song that beat Like a Prayer. Its charms are boundless. Every day in the shower I always sing Ray of Light at the top of my lungs. And then when I'm out of the shower, it continues. It starts out so calmly, "Zephyr in the sky at night, I wonder, do my tears of mourning, sink beneath the sun?" And then it's off! Who doesn't have the urge to sing along with Madonna at the top of their lungs when she's singing "And I feel! Like I just got home!" "Quicker than a ray of light!"

And the music video is perfect for this song. Zero controversy (sorry, Like a Prayer), and eye-catching.

It's my favorite Madonna song. Hell, it's my favorite song by anyone.

What are your thoughts on Ray of Light? The countdown? What are your favorite Madonna songs? Agree/disagree with me? Please, stop thinking it and write it down in the comments!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Madonna Days 7, 8, 9

Of course I haven't been posting daily, so I have to squeeze in the best Madonna songs (#4-#2) in one post! Oh well, nothing to cry over.

4. Like a Virgin, Like a Virgin

3. Material Girl, Like a Virgin

2. Like a Prayer, Like a Prayer

What's that you say? You thought Like a Prayer was going to be number 1!? Well, anybody reading a Madonna countdown expects Like a Prayer to be named her greatest song, but there's one more that I very narrowly love more.

And Material Girl is my favorite Madonna music video. Like a Virgin's music video isn't so great, but the song is just so catchy and iconic.

What are your thoughts on these songs? The countdown? Any guesses for what song is number 1? Sound off, in the comments below!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Madonna Day 6

5. Borderline, Madonna

Even anti-Madonna people (blasphemy!) have to agree that Borderline is a solid song. And it's probably the song of hers that never gets old, in terms of listening to over and over again consecutively. Love it! That's why it's number 5.

What are your thoughts on Borderline? The countdown? Madonna?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madonna Day 5

6. Vogue, I'm Breathless

Don't even get me started on that horrendous, jaw-droppingly bad Sue Sylvester cover version of Vogue that is going to win Jane Lynch her one-note Emmy. Instead, let's focus on the positive. This song is the ultimate feel-good song. My friend and I once agreed that it should play over the credits of every movie, just because it'll allow you to leave feeling good inside even if what you just saw was Precious, Terms of Endearment, A Nightmare on Elm Street, or anything else just shy of "feel good."And the name dropping of all the celebrities? Currently my ringtone... It's probably Madonna's best song for singing along in your bedroom (with the door hopefully closed!). And for these reasons, it lands at spot number 6 on this countdown.

What are your thoughts on Vogue and its ability to make anybody feel amazing?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Madonna Days 3 and 4, Anna Kendrick

Lack of posting yesterday makes this days 3 and 4...

8. Human Nature, Bedtime Stories

Did I say something true? Did I have a point of view? Did I talk about sex? Did I talk about you? Yes to all of the above! And when you say "yes" to all of the above, you get Human Nature.

7. Frozen, Ray of Light

I wasn't a huge fan of Frozen the first time I heard it. And I don't think many people are, it takes a few times listening to it to understand why it's so amazing. It's the song that gets better and better with repeat listening, and that's why it earns spot 7 (ask me tomorrow and maybe even higher) on this list.


Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick, winner of the 2009 ATF Award for Best Supporting Actress, comedic and dramatic actress extraordinaire, song and dance gal, and fun media personality.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Madonna Day 2

A little late for those of us on the East Coast, but for West Coast readers this is still "day 2." And better late than never, so, without further ado...

9. Papa Don't Preach, True Blue

Surprisingly politically right for Madonna, Papa Don't Preach made it's way onto the list because of those almost haunting notes at the beginning, followed by a very solid Madonna song. I think, though everybody may not end up accidentally pregnant, it's a very easy song to relate to. "Mom/dad, I'm in trouble, I need help. Not a lesson."

And that's what earns Papa Don't Preach its spot on this list. What are your thoughts on Madonna's pregnancy anthem?

Friday, August 6, 2010

Madonna Day 1

I'm counting down the ten best Madonna songs each day until her birthday on August 16th. So let's kick off today with a few honorable mentions...

Of course there are many, many, many honorable mentions, but I narrowed it down to five.

The runners-up (in chronological order...)

Erotica, Erotica
Deeper and Deeper, Erotica
Music, Music
Hung Up, Confessions on a Dance Floor
She's Not Me, Hard Candy

10. Cherish, Like a Prayer, and True Blue, True Blue

Yes, I realize that I already have a tie! You might be asking me, "Why not put one of these in the honorable mentions?" But it's because these songs are so equally feel good, that it's hard to choose which one would make the list and which one wouldn't make the cut. Just listen to Cherish...

It's so sweet. But not to be outdone, here's 1986's True Blue...

These songs are like sugar in song form. That's pretty much all I can say to describe them. Who ever thought a song describing Sean Penn would be so cute? "True blue, baby, I love you."

What are your thoughts on any of the aforementioned Madonna songs?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ingmar Bergman

I just saw one of the most disturbing scenes of all time. Actually, a few of the most disturbing scenes the movies have ever brought us. But not "disturbing" in a bad, Hostel Part II way. No, what I just watched was Ingmar Bergman's Cries and Whispers.

And, to be honest, Harriet Andersson's portrayal of a cancer-stricken woman is more unsettling than any horror movie could ever be. How anybody could go there (the breathing, the confused looks of "I don't want to die, or live like this," the constant melancholy) in acting? And how can a director possibly push an actor to those frighteningly realistic places?

The red, the close-ups of each sister (and, of course, loyal, loyal Anna), it's all so memorable and... creepy. But once again not bad creepy. The good kind of creepy.

Have you seen Cries and Whispers? If not, did this encourage or discourage you to see it? I mean, I am trying to recommend it but it's hard to flat out say "you'll love it!"

Also, tomorrow begins a new brief feature.. "The Ten Days of Madonna," where I'll give you my ten favorite Madonna singles up until her 52nd birthday, August 16th!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I've been shifting towards a TV blog recently, so I'm turning back to film!

I've been thinking of how great cameos can be. To the attentive viewer, cameos can be those few moments when the viewer feels that he or she is in on the joke the director is going at. Here's a clip of one my favorite cameos, Francis Ford Coppola in his own movie, Apocalypse Now.

What are some of your favorite cameos? I wouldn't be surprised to see some Alfred Hitchcock mentions, because he just always pops up in his own films.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Days 11-30: Tv Meme

This is taking longer than I had anticipated, so here comes one big old post:

A Show That Disappointed Me - Glee
An Episode I've Watched More Than Five Times - "The One with the Red Sweater," Friends
Favorite Childhood Show -
Favorite Male Character(s) - Charlie Pace, Lost, Chandler Bing, Friends
Favorite Female Character(s) - Rachel Green, Monica Geller, Phoebe Buffay, Friends, Jenna Maroney, 30 Rock, Juliet Burke, Lost
Guilty Pleasure Show - Desperate Housewives
Favorite TV Movie - Grey Gardens
Favorite Title Sequence - Friends
Best TV Ensemble - Friends, Lost
Favorite Kiss - Claire and Charlie's first kiss, Lost
Favorite Relationship - Monica and Chandler, Friends, Charlie and Claire, Lost, Jack and Kate, Lost
Favorite Series Finale - Friends
Most Annoying Character - Mike Delfino, Desperate Housewives, Michael, Lost, Nikki and Paolo, Lost
Best Quote - "Don't tell me what I can't do!" "Live together, die alone." - Lost
A Show I Plan on Watching - Mr. Sunshine
OMG Wtf? Season Finale - "Exodus," Lost
Best Pilot Episode - Lost
First TV Show Obsession - Survivor
Current TV Show Obsession - Cougar Town, The Office, 30 Rock
Saddest Character Death -


Charlie, Juliet, Lost