Monday, August 9, 2010

Madonna Days 3 and 4, Anna Kendrick

Lack of posting yesterday makes this days 3 and 4...

8. Human Nature, Bedtime Stories

Did I say something true? Did I have a point of view? Did I talk about sex? Did I talk about you? Yes to all of the above! And when you say "yes" to all of the above, you get Human Nature.

7. Frozen, Ray of Light

I wasn't a huge fan of Frozen the first time I heard it. And I don't think many people are, it takes a few times listening to it to understand why it's so amazing. It's the song that gets better and better with repeat listening, and that's why it earns spot 7 (ask me tomorrow and maybe even higher) on this list.


Happy Birthday Anna Kendrick, winner of the 2009 ATF Award for Best Supporting Actress, comedic and dramatic actress extraordinaire, song and dance gal, and fun media personality.


  1. Anna Kendrick is such an interesting personality to me - she's got loads of potential and such a unique look... I'm excited to see what she does with Scott Pilgrim next weekend, now that she's one of the headliners of the film...

  2. It's a little blasphemous posting about Anna and Madonna in one post (I love the title track from Frozen, love Ray of Light too).

  3. Luke - I'm so excited for Anna's career. She's unique and amazingly talented. I can't wait for Scott Pilgrim, but mostly for her (and Kieran, who's been getting good notices).

    Andrew - Not an Anna fan? You will be! Everybody will be! She's too gifted not to be! Also, rather ironically and unexpectedly, Anna just appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and talked about meeting Madonna at Madonna's Oscar Party this year, so blasphemy be damned.