Thursday, August 12, 2010

Madonna Day 5

6. Vogue, I'm Breathless

Don't even get me started on that horrendous, jaw-droppingly bad Sue Sylvester cover version of Vogue that is going to win Jane Lynch her one-note Emmy. Instead, let's focus on the positive. This song is the ultimate feel-good song. My friend and I once agreed that it should play over the credits of every movie, just because it'll allow you to leave feeling good inside even if what you just saw was Precious, Terms of Endearment, A Nightmare on Elm Street, or anything else just shy of "feel good."And the name dropping of all the celebrities? Currently my ringtone... It's probably Madonna's best song for singing along in your bedroom (with the door hopefully closed!). And for these reasons, it lands at spot number 6 on this countdown.

What are your thoughts on Vogue and its ability to make anybody feel amazing?

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