Friday, August 6, 2010

Madonna Day 1

I'm counting down the ten best Madonna songs each day until her birthday on August 16th. So let's kick off today with a few honorable mentions...

Of course there are many, many, many honorable mentions, but I narrowed it down to five.

The runners-up (in chronological order...)

Erotica, Erotica
Deeper and Deeper, Erotica
Music, Music
Hung Up, Confessions on a Dance Floor
She's Not Me, Hard Candy

10. Cherish, Like a Prayer, and True Blue, True Blue

Yes, I realize that I already have a tie! You might be asking me, "Why not put one of these in the honorable mentions?" But it's because these songs are so equally feel good, that it's hard to choose which one would make the list and which one wouldn't make the cut. Just listen to Cherish...

It's so sweet. But not to be outdone, here's 1986's True Blue...

These songs are like sugar in song form. That's pretty much all I can say to describe them. Who ever thought a song describing Sean Penn would be so cute? "True blue, baby, I love you."

What are your thoughts on any of the aforementioned Madonna songs?

1 comment:

  1. Ugh. Like A Prayer is so brilliant. It's the first Madonna song I remember knowing, loved that video.