Saturday, October 2, 2010


Sorry about the follow-up to those Oscar predictions. I won't be able to complete those (junior year at school keeps me busy with other things, whether they be academic or social) I do have another list for you. My favorite celebrities. Not actors or actresses or auteurs (though maybe they are on the list). But those celebrities who, for whatever inexplicable reason, you can't get enough of. Those stars who, if they're on a magazine you buy it, or if they're on a talk show you just have to watch it. Here are my three Tiers of favorite celebrities.

Tier One (Alphabetical)
Jennifer Aniston - It's probably my intense Friends devotion or my belief that she could somehow wow everyone one day if given the right script that leads me to obsess over Miss Aniston.

Penelope Cruz - It's got to be the Spanish accent and the inherent Euro-sexiness.

Andrew Garfield - I've been referring to him as my "new Anna Kendrick" for the awards season, or rather that person who I will cling to during the entire awards season because of their charms, talents, and I just always need somebody to root for (even if they don't usually win, much like Miss Kendrick last year). It's an awards season ritual of mine. In 2007, it was Ellen Page fandom. In 2008, Penelope Cruz. Then Anna and now Andrew.

Neil Patrick Harris - The hottest triple threat ever. He's, like, a 108 threat.

Anna Kendrick - The fast-talking charms of Anna Kendrick make me melt every single time. I could root for her forever.

Nicole Kidman - I have a thing for ridiculously gorgeous and talented actresses with porcelain skin, Amazonian height, delicate features, and Australian accents. What can I say?

Madonna - Nobody has shaped me pop-culturally as much as Madonna has. I made my own Madonna "discovery" in 9th grade. Last year (10th grade), sometime before that "eh" Glee episode devoted to Madge, I became slightly more obsessive and dipped much more extensively into her catalog, but still only scratching the surface of her work and her persona. This past summer, I threw myself completely into Madonna, and now it's October and I still can't get enough. This obsession is here to stay.

(Of course, in the late category, one Katharine Hepburn.)

Tier Two (The people I love but only border on "obsession" with.. alphabetical order.)

Kristin Chenoweth - Pint size fun.
Marion Cotillard - French, and crazy/repressed wife staple.
Courteney Cox - Monica! (And Gale!)
Matthew Fox - One of the few Jack fans out there.
Lisa Kudrow - Phoebe! (And Michele!)
Carey Mulligan - So close to tier one that it actually seems unfair that she's in this tier.
Evangeline Lilly - Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate.
Britney Spears - Bitch.

This is off the top of my head. Which celebrities do you just go gaga for? (Perhaps Gaga herself?)