Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yul Brynner and Orson Welles

With my James Dean, Sigourney Weaver, and now Yul Brynner/Orson Welles posts, I guess I'm a little death/birthday happy. But I know that today was the day both Yul Brynner and Orson Welles died (and both in 1985 at that!) I couldn't pass this up. I guess I will call this Oscar-October, as I remember/celebrate the death/birth of Oscar nominees (Dean and Weaver) and winners (today's duo, Brynner and Welles). Sound good to you? Good!

As most of us probably know, Brynner won the Oscar for Best Actor (and Tony for Featured Actor in a Musical) for his work in the 1956 movie The King and I. Welles won an Oscar for writing what is now considered to be the greatest film of all time (not by me), Citizen Kane. However, he lost in both the directing and acting categories for the same film. What are your favorite Brynner or Welles films? There's a pretty good selection! Comment!

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  1. My favorite Orson Welles film is "The Stranger". But I was never a big fan of Yul Brynner's, though he was perfectly cast as Ramses.