Saturday, October 10, 2009

Random Awards Moments 1 - A little Nicole, Ewan, and Natalie

Because of Oscar-October, I've been inspired to do another little segment, this one called: Random Awards Moment. I'll be posting some clips I find from Youtube of some pretty random, yet totally satisfying, awards shows. Up first, Nicole Kidman winning Best Female Performance for Moulin Rouge! at the MTV Movie Awards...which is always going to be weird, I mean, it's a music television network that hands out awards for film? Whatever floats your boat I suppose. So anyway, the other nominees were Angelina Jolie for one of those Tomb Raiders flicks (not so much an inspired choice as a fanboy fantasy coming true), Kate Beckinsale for Pearl Harbor...errr...okay then. Halle Berry was nominated for Monster's Ball (the 15 year old girls who vote for these thing probably did not see that movie...) and Reese Witherspoon for being as delightful as ever in Legally Blonde. Of all the nominees, Reese's seems the most justified for this kind of awards ceremony. Light work, funny, big hit with teenagers then and now. The others are a little weird, including Nicole's Oscar-nominated work, but whatever! So my rambling!

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  1. Were those teenagers even allowed to look at Monster's Ball?