Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmys - Quick Reaction

I'm writing this in a hurry, and I have only two things to say.

Congratulations, Matthew Fox! I'm a huge Jack fan though most other Lost fans seem to dislike Mr. Shephard.

It's okay, Courteney Cox Arquette. You're only doing some of your best comedic work carrying the bulk of Cougar Town on your own back. Maybe next year you'll get some Emmy love!


  1. Rest assured she should eventually get nominated - I mean, the show's got at least one more season and I'm guessing at least one more after that!

  2. I'm worried really, ten years on one of the most successful sitcoms, good work on Dirt and Cougar Town and nothing? They didn't even Kudrow a guest it's like the show means nothing to them.

  3. Agreed - I didn't like Toy Story 2 that much either. 3 was wonderful, though. And yay for LOST. A favorite of mine.