Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Emmys and Meme Day 7

How on earth do you pronounce meme?

Anyway, let's start with Day 7 of the Television Meme - My Least Favorite Episode of My Favorite Show

I shared some favorites today, so I'll do today similarly and list some least favorites.

The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line
Season 4 is honestly probably my least favorite season, despite some great episodes and lines (Michael Flatley, lord of the dance!). This episode has the utterly boring Kathy story line, and Joey and Chandler bickering over such a boring girl. This episode is sort of a snooze. Sorry, fans of TOW Chandler Crosses The Line!

The One With the Ride Along
I'm not a huge fan of Gary, though he does have some awesome Phoebe scenes. But this episode, where Joey, Chandler, and Ross go for a ride with Gary shows the lack of chemsitry between Gary and the male leads (totally unlike Paul Rudd, who brought the hilarity out in all of the cast members). Also- boring subplot in the seemingly endless Ross/Emily story.

Lastly, all clip-show episodes are boring. Sorry, but they are.

Okay I have an upcoming TV related post on the Emmys... stay tuned...

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