Tuesday, July 13, 2010

100th Post

I'm on post number 100! Hooray!

No, that video does not mean this blog is over. I just totally love that scene!

I'm sorry my posts are so arbitrary. Would you guys like more order or do you like my random musings more?

If you would like me to get organized, sound off! But if you like the way my blog is not (a total mess), sound off in the comments, also! If you have something you've just been dying to say to/ask me, you can also go for it!

Thanks to all of the support throughout my first blogging year. You all know who you are, and your support for this blog has meant the world to me. I love all of your blogs and they inspire me a lot. I'm sorry that this got a little emotional and drawn out, but the blogging community has been so accepting so I just wanted to say thanks!

Here's to hundreds of more toasts!


  1. Still powerful after all these years. The really winning element of this sequence is the editing. It's perfect. Heavily homaged at the climax of Rob Zombies only good film, THE DEVIL'S REJECTS. thanks for posting!

  2. Well done! Awesome milestone. Keep 'em coming please! (That's my "sounding off.")

  3. Aylmer- That film is so romantic now (where as when it was released it was much more gritty).

    Luke- Thanks for "sounding off." I appreciate it!

    Wild Celtic- Thanks!

  4. Egads, get a hold of yourself!

    Congratulations, then.

  5. Well get emotional if you must. Congrats, it is a milestone...(it doesn't get easy as you continue, though, sorry to say).