Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oscar Presenters

With all the news floating about that Twilight stars Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and the rest of the boring under-25 gang will be presenting at this year's Oscars, I thought I'd like to share who I'd like to see present each award. For the acting awards I'm pretty sure they aren't doing the "five past winners" idea, so I have only one person listed.

Best Supporting Actress
Celeste Holm

Why? She's always been a supporting player, and the Best Supporting Actress Oscar she won more than 60 years ago helped her to launch a film career. And I love the Old Hollywood stars that are still around. Who better to invite somebody to the club than 92 year old Holm?

Fun-fact: Penélope Cruz and Celeste Holm's birthdays are only one day apart (April 28th and 29th, respectively!).

Best Supporting Actor
Gene Hackman

Why? Well, he's pretty much 100% done with acting, so it would be nice to see Hackman up and about.

Best Actress
Julie Christie

Why? I feel she represents this year's Best Actress line-up pretty well. She's practically always better than the films she is in (Darling, Shampoo) and the actresses this year, for the most part, are better than their respective films. Despite the all around terribleness of The Blind Side, at least Sandra does her job well.

Best Actor
Maximilian Schell

Why? Because I'm big on sentiment, that's why.

Best Director
Nicole Kidman

Why? I really want a woman to give Best Director to Kathryn Bigelow. Then maybe the Academy will finally understand that woman do other things than act, design costumes, and make documentary shorts.

Best Picture
Lauren Bacall and Roger Corman

Why? The Honorary Oscars were cut from the telecast, and it would be nice to have two Hollywood legends presenting the Academy's highest honor. I mean, how much more prestigious can you get?

Best Original and Adapted Screenplay
Tina Fey & Steve Carrell

Best Animated Feature
Reese Witherspoon & Christian Bale

Best Foreign Language Film
Penélope Cruz & Pedro Almodóvar

Best Documentary Feature and Short
Ann-Margret & Rita Moreno

Best Live Action and Animated Short
Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly

Best Original Score
Julianne Moore & Mark Wahlberg

Best Original Song
Renee Zellweger & Ewan McGregor

Best Sound Editing and Mixing
Jennifer Aniston & Kevin Bacon

Best Art Direction
Amy Adams

Best Cinematography
Taraji P. Henson

Best Makeup and Costume Design
Marisa Tomei & Mickey Rourke

Best Film Editing
Thelma Schoonmaker

Best Visual Effects
Robert Downey Jr.

Who are your dream presenters?


  1. I recently wondered if Gene Hackman was done with acting -- it's a shame to see that he is.

  2. Yeah unfortunately I think he's gone for good (from acting, that is).