Saturday, February 6, 2010

Best Supporting Actress - All That Film Style

Best of 2009 time! One by one, I'll be posting the nominees, followed by the winners. First up we have BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS.

But what good is a category if it doesn't have a name? In honor of one of the best supporting actress performances of all time, I will dub this category the...

Rita Moreno Supporting Actress Award! What a mouthful, eh?

And the nominees are...

Marion Cotillard, Nine
For showing Luisa's heartache with voice, expression, and dance.

Rosamund Pike, An Education
For every little micro-touch and nuance she gives Helen.

Anna Kendrick, Up in the Air
For humanizing Natalie to unimaginable extents.

Melanie Laurent, Inglourious Basterds
For creating a heroine who could not be more vulnerable.

Mo'Nique, Precious
For creating a monster all too real.


  1. An interesting alternative list. Sounds like you were more impressed with Marion over Penelope.

  2. Glad to see love for Pike! I thought she was surprisingly good!

  3. Tom- Thanks! And yes, Marion is the heart of the film. I remember at the end of "Take it All" I turned to my friend and told her crazy Marion was (in a totally good way, that is). I do recommend it (if you haven't seen it) despite all of its negative buzz.

    Joe- Everyone in An Education is so well thought out that it's nice to see actors that can as brilliantly flesh out the characters as well as (if not better than) the script does.