Monday, April 19, 2010

What's A Paltrow To Do?

I'm sure you have all heard the news that Gwyneth Paltrow is dropping out of The Danish Girl with Nicole Kidman. Two of the most media-hated stars together in a movie (and about the world's first transsexual!) was too good to be true.

Gwyneth claims she dropped out in order to spend time with her family (she's married to Coldplay's Chris Martin, you know).

So what's a Paltrow to do? Her career is hardly enviable, with her last big "meaty" role in 2005's underperforming Proof.

Television. It may seem below you, Oscar winning actress Gwyneth, but I just don't see you snatching these good dramatic parts that we all know you can do. Why wait for something good to fall into your lap again? The roles are few and far between for women of a certain age (you'll be 38 soon!) and we all know that TV is a comfort zone for actresses who get the cold shoulder from the silver screen (Sally Field, Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, and this summer Laura Linney).

I could totally see Gwyneth doing some sort of Desperate Housewives series, but not network television. Take Desperate Housewives and turn it over to HBO or Showtime, and I think we have our first Paltrow-success since... since Shakespeare in Love perhaps!

What do you think? Should Gwyneth turn to the small screen, or should she keep trying to find that next big role in cinema?

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  1. I'm so sad about this! I hope Gwyneth goes and does something better, I think she's quite a good actress despite what people say about her.