Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lady Gaga

Question of the day...

Lady Gaga. Everyone calls her the "next Madonna," and we all know that Madonna has had an interesting film career, filled with successes (Dick Tracy, Despearetly Seeking Susan, Evita) and flops (Swept Away).

So my question to you, reader(s), is: Will Lady Gaga turn to the silver screen, and if she does how successful will she be? Do you think she could be a good cross-breed of successful multi-platinum pop-icon and actress?

Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. She seems like she may go the Bjork film the very least, a Tarantino film.

  2. I agree with Simon. I could definitely see that happening, and honestly I actually would love to see her in a movie!

  3. God I hope not. I have no problem with Lady Gaga, but ever time I hear the Madonna comparisons I just get annoyed. Aaargh.

  4. Simon - I really hope she does a Tarantino film now that you mention it!

    Robert - I'd love to see what she could do on a movie screen also.

    Andrew - Lady Gaga is to Madonna as Meryl Streep is to Katharine Hepburn. People like to believe Lady Gaga is "the next Madonna," but I don't think anyone can be the next Madonna (and side note: Meryl Streep is not the heir to Katharine Hepburn's throne, Hepburn still sits atop that one!).