Saturday, January 2, 2010

Status Update

So I originally planned to hand out my own personal award type things on February 6th. I'll be moving that up to January 12th! As well as a top ten of 2009 to follow on January 13th!

Films that still need to be seen (but there are no guarantees!)

Bright Star, Moon, Public Enemies, It’s Complicated, Broken Embraces, A Single Man, A Serious Man, The Informant!, The Lovely Bones, Invictus, District 9, Where the Wild Things Are, Whip It, Julia, Cheri, Duplicity, Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Messenger, The Last Station

The only ones that seem possible for that deadline are...
District 9
The Lovely Bones
The Messengers

Hopefully I get to see all of these and then some!

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