Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Susan Sarandon Interview

There sure is a lot of Susan Sarandon on this blog, isn't there?

Well, now there's more!

I was reading an interview with her on Rotten Tomatoes, and thought this bit about the Oscars was interesting...

"I would love to get a nomination, but the problem is that very often, the supporting category is crowded by people that are actually in lead parts, and so people that are in supporting parts don't get a shot, so I don't know what's going to happen with that. But I would love to get a nomination, just because it's fun, and I think Saoirse deserves it. I would love to see Stanley [Tucci] get one; I've worked with him twice before this [in Joe Gould's Secret and Shall We Dance?] and he's done such great work, and he's such a pro and such a good guy."

Anyway, did you here that Academy? She wants a nomination. She's been turning in delicious supporting roles since the beginning of the 00's. She just needs to find the right one to strike a chord with the Academy (a la Meryl Streep in Adaptation. or Gloria Stuart in Titanic). I've got some hope for the new decade.

So c'mon Academy, what are you waiting for? Let's nominate Susan in the ... teens. Is that the name of this new decade?

(The picture at the right is of happier times for Susan and Tim...)

What are your thoughts on Susan and her Oscar-less turn as of late (and by late, I mean since 1996 when she walked to the podium to accept. How easily Oscar forgets!)


  1. although she'd probably miss my five I'd love her to get a nod - so many lesser parts are honoured. But if only one person from the film should get honoured oh let it be Saoirse.

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing this (hopefully) over the weekend! Glad you liked it so much, despite its critical slamming. It takes courage to admit you like a movie that everyone else thinks it's fun to criticize !

  3. I agree-- Susan Sarandon is so wonderful to watch on screen.

  4. She definitely is one of a kind