Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Golden Globe Nominations (Drama)

So, Golden Globe nominations have been announced! Let's see what they've brought...

Best Motion Picture - Drama
Avatar, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Precious, and Up in the Air.

I got 4/5 here, putting Invictus rather than Avatar into the mix. They must have really just seen Avatar and fell in love with it. This really ups it's Oscar chances, which were looking doubtful until a couple of days ago when positive words were coming out of the screenings. I was correct in assuming that The Last Station wouldn't pick up a nomination here. It seems to be more focused on its actors. Otherwise, this was a category without much surprise.

Best Actress - Drama
Emily Blunt The Young Victoria, Sandra Bullock The Blind Side, Helen Mirren The Last Station, Carey Mulligan An Education, Gabourey Sidibe Precious

Emily Blunt? Interesting. I'm surprised less people predicted her. I didn't (and I got a 4/5), but I should have. The Golden Globes like big costume dramas and period pieces. And with the split between comedy and drama, they always seem to have a filler (even in a year that's supposed to be packed, like this one). And Sandra Bullock, nice seeing you here. I'll see you againg pretty soon...

Best Actor - Drama
Jeff Bridges Crazy Heart, George Clooney Up in the Air, Colin Firth A Single Man, Morgan Freeman Invictus, Tobey Maguire Brothers

No Johnny Depp? But the Globes love him! Oh well. 4/5. Say goodbye to Public Enemies. It's award season chances have just been thwarted. Tobey Maguire in Brothers certainly is interesting, but not a huge threat to the other men. It's a four-way race between Bridges, Clooney, Firth, and Freeman.

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