Friday, November 5, 2010

Music Video

If I were to start a meme, it would be one where everybody embeds what they consider to be the best music video onto their blog. Not necessarily their favorite, but the actual "best," according to them. If anybody wants to participate, do! Just post what you consider to be the best music video. (I repeat, not your favorite. Unless you're favorite is the best. Fancy taste!)

Here's my pick for the best music video. Keep in mind this is subject to change, but at this moment, on this day, at this hour, I am choosing:


  1. That's a toughie! a BEST music video... I shall think about it. Haha

  2. Ha! Brings me back - orange jumpsuits aren't just for deathrow inmates anymore... :)

  3. What a throwback! Some great posts you have here...I'm definitely a follower of your blog.

    Please stop by my site and follow my movie reviews as well...thanks!

  4. I think Johnny Cash's Hurt was incredible.