Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 5: Television Meme

Sorry for the break, but I was on vacation! Caribbean waters, so very nice...

So I'm going back to the meme (in a not-so-cheerful-way) with...

A Show I Hate

Seinfeld sucks. I'm sorry. Jerry Seinfeld's acting, Michael Richards' pre-racism over-the-top "kookiness," George Costanza; Everything that isn't named "Julia Louis-Dreyfus" is pure garbage on this show.

Whenever I try to watch Seinfeld (which is not something that happens often), there are always punchlines like "You have a lot to learn about pancakes." Blah.
I'm sorry to the millions of Seinfeld fans, but this show is crap.


  1. I kind of agree - I could never get into this show. I guess I can stand to watch it if I'm presented with it, but in reruns, I tend to change the channel the second I hear the "ba-dum-dum" theme song...