Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Broadway Goes Hollywood

The Tony Nominations are here! And the list for some of these categories almost looks like an Oscar shortlist, doesn't it? For example...

Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Play

Jude Law, Hamlet
Alfred Molina, Red
Liev Schreiber, A View from the Bridge
Christopher Walken, A Behanding in Spokane
Denzel Washington, Fences

Apparently Denzel is the frontrunner here, but wouldn't we all love the Tony Awards if they decided to give an award to Christopher Walken? He'd be halfway to an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony)!

Speaking of the EGOT, Catherine Zeta Jones is nominated for her performance in A Little Night Music. Since she already has the "O," arguably the hardest letter to obtain in the much coveted EGOT, wouldn't it be nice to add a "T"? We all know Emmys are easy to nab, providing you're not her. And she has a wonderful voice, so she could win a Grammy with that, or record a children's album. Gwyneth Paltrow tried that last year I believe. She didn't win.

In other movie related news, Laura Linney nabbed a nomination for her lead-actressing in the play Time Stands Still. She's somebody else that the Triple Crown (Oscar, Emmy, Tony) seems somewhat obtainable for. Or is that just wishful thinking? Do you think Oscar will ever fully embrace Linney? Emmy might (again) for her upcoming Showtime Series with Gabourey Sidibe, The Big C.

ScarJo is also nominated for her work in A View from the Bridge. She's flirted with Oscar before but has not been nominated, which is weird considering Oscar loves pretty young faces.

What say you? Anyone in mind not on the Tony shortlist that you hope to see Triple Crown and maybe, just maybe EGOT one day? Any reactions to the nominations? Predictions? Have you seen any of the shows? Sound off below!


  1. I would love to see Laura Linney or Scar Jo win! Haha. I actually did see Ragtime, its two acting nominations, and all of its others, were SO well deserved. I'm obviously rooting for it :)

  2. Christopher Walken winning would be awesome...I wish they nominated Sam Rockwell, though.

  3. Robert - I would love to see those two lovely movie stars win also!

    Simon - Christopher Walken's speech would be so awesome.