Friday, March 19, 2010

Movie Posters

Certain movie posters are really great, and even if the film is bad, at least they have an awesome poster. Other movies receive utterly lazy posters. Time for a round-up of 2010's the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good:
Repo Men... simple, sweet, and blue

The Runaways... clever, eye-catching, and explosive

Letters to Juliet... those eyes, that look, those colors

The Bounty Hunter... the plot is bad, but the poster is charming

The Bad:

Green Zone... laziness in poster design will not help this dud make any money

When in Rome... both stars are pretty, but neither has that movie star factor

Extraordinary Measures... Brendan Fraser is amused, Harrison Ford is not. Neither are we

The Last Song... stop invading on our movie territory Miley!

The Ugly:
Date Night... great and super-funny stars, dullest poster

Clash of the Titans... snoozeee...

Hot Tub Time Machine... somebody must have come up with this plot and poster within a span of four hours

Legion... mind-numbingly uncreative
What are your thoughts? Comment!


  1. While some of these films actually appeal to me, their movie posters don't. So, that's rather unfortunate.


    I'm going to disagree with Bounty Hunter. And I think the Hot Tub Time Machine poster is pretty amusing, if you don't look at it too long. But otherwise, yes.

  3. Film Poster design has gone down with an few exceptions take a look at some remakes comparison:

  4. Marcy- I totally agree. I soooo wanna see Date Night, but that poster is just so not-trying, you know?

    Simon- I think we are in agreement with Cyrus. And true, at first glance the Hot Tub Time Machine poster is cute.

    SciFiDrive- thanks for the awesome link!

  5. Why does The Last Song poster look so nice?

    I can't wait for Letters From Juliet...not for Amanda (whom I like), but simply because Vanessa Redgrave is in it.

  6. Andrew- I'm so distracted by Miley's look of worry that I cannot handle the nice use of color in the poster for The Last Song.

    And Amanda always give me a little something to look forward to. She's kind of like a bonus I feel.

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