Monday, August 17, 2009

My least favorite, and most undeserved nominatons/wins for Best Supporting Actor since 2000. Why? Because, yet again it is another lazy summer day, so why not?

Paul Giamatti- Cinderlla Man
No matter how many films/HBO, Emmy-baiting minseries I see this man in, I will NEVER understand the appeal. Especially not here. After awhile you just want Russell Crowe to sock him. Awhile=3 minutes of screen time.

Ethan Hawke- Training Day
As far as I'm concerned, this film deserved zero nominations. How Denzel won for Best Actor over the likes of Tom Wilkinson or Russell Crowe I'll never know. Hey, that was the second time I mentioned Russell Crowe. Maybe I should tag him...

Jon Voight- Ali
Meh. Nowhere near Oscar-worthy.

Morgan Freeman- Million Dollar Baby
I'm happy to say Freeman can always be introduced as "Academy Award winner..." but for the wrong film and about 15 years too late. At times it's hard to understand what the hell he is even saying as he narrates the film that unfortunately allows Hilary Swank to be introduced as "Two time Academy Award winner..."

Javier Bardem- No Country For Old Men
Well, in a film that was over-hyped, nothing was more over-hyped than Bardem's one note performance as a scary (see: bad haircut!) sociopathic killer. This is one of the worst and dullest performances to ever be given an Oscar. If I had included EVERY Best Supporting Actor winner since the category was introduced, this would be in the top three.

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  1. I agree with you on Javier Bardem. I didn't get this movie at all. I was stunned when he won, I mean, the performance wasn't even Oscar worthy, nor this film even in my opinion.